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Why Choose Us?

Accurate pricing is a serious responsibility for us. We want to list your home for the most money that will not leave it on the market too long. So, lots of research goes into our pricing advice.

We offer free staging advice. Next to competitive pricing, the quality of your presentation is the most important thing you can do to sell your home. In this market you have to have a very desirable look that leaves a memorable impression. This starts at the curb. Our goal is to give the buyer all green lights. We don't want anything that will give them a yellow or a red light. No pauses...just all positive responses. We can often work with what you have and help you present it in a way that opens, brightens and enhances the spacious feel of your home.

We use only the best real estate photographers in the Austin area. When 80% of the buyers choose which houses they want to see from the photographs, you need to have it right the first time.

Again, everything we offer is top quality. Our quality flyers are very artistically done and we keep full color, gloss on quality stock paper flyers inside for all prospective buyers. Out near the sign we provide a supply of black and white nicely done flyers and specifically do not tell them 100% of the information about your property so they will have to contact us for more information.

We like to be available for spontaneous showings when we get that call from a prospective buyer standing at your curb. We keep a list of 3-4 other realtors handy who are more than glad to show your house in case we are at appointments. We don't want a missed opportunity and we don't want to keep a potential buyer waiting.

Your home will be one of the Featured Properties on our website.

Your home will get exposure and will be listed on hundreds of websites. The most important one is There we have purchased an Enhanced Listing Service which allows your house to show a total of 25 pictures where the standard package you only get4 photos. It also pulls your house up on the first page. Because Ingle Realty is a member of List Hub, your home will be posted on an additional 30-40 popular websites such as Google and Yahoo.

We stay in touch. You will hear from us at least once a week with updates and with feedback from all prospective buyers as soon as we get it.

We personally call all realtors who have shown your home. You can't beat that interactive response.

We do Open Houses and Property Tours where we bring in a number of other realtors who work in your area.

For us, it's personal.. every time!

- Ingle Realty Team